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Meet The Owner

My name is Arianna Nicholle. I am a 27 year old Black Entrepreneur residing in Longview Texas. Predominantly, my ambition within becoming a business owner is to create general wealth amongst my immediate family and bloodline. I plan to acquire this abundance through prosperous endeavors that will be stemmed from Primpcess LLC, also known as The Primpcess Palace. 

The brand’s inspiration was obtained from the youthful and feminine essence my daughters, J-Leigh Nyelle & Jaella Noelle, embody in each other’s presence. Their usual activities include playing dress up with dolls and hairstyling. When realizing the radiant expressions upon my daughter’s faces when it is time to “primp”, my awareness of the importance in guiding your young princesses to enjoy the growth and path in personal maintenance is vital to the accomplishments in raising her to be accountable, successful, and responsible. 


The aesthetic of my products are derived from all things ladylike, as it the purpose of vision. Styles of certain merchandise are replicated, and will determine prices.

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